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Our Past Concerts have been held at the following venues

To see details just click on the venue where it is underlined & in blue
2016 1st July Barnton Community Primary School
  May Elizabeth House, Northwich
  11th January Lach Dennis Women's Institute
2015 18th December Northwich Methodist Church
  30th October St Peter's church, Elworth
  3rd July St Mary & All Saints' Church, Great Budworth
  20 March Barnton Community Primary School
2014 5 December Northwich Methodist Church
  27 June Northwich Methodist Church
  14 March Norley Methodist church
  21 February St Peter's Church Hall, Elworth
2013 28 December Cottons Hotel Knutsford
  19 December Woodpecker Hotel Leftwich
  13 December Bickley Church, Cholmondeley
  16 November Sandiway Manor
  21 June Northwich Methodist Church
  28 February Elizabeth House, Northwich
  26 January Sandiway Manor
2012 14 December Christ Church Barnton
  3 December Woodpecker, Leftwich
  16 November Comberbach Methodist Church
  14 September Castle Methodist Church
  22 June St Peter's Church, Aston by Sutton
  15 June St John's Church, Toft for The Christie Hospital
  2 March Vale Royal Abbey for Macmillan Cancer Support
2011 12 March Sandiway Manor
  17 September Plumley Methodist Church
  24 September Great Budworth Parish Church
  9 December Little Leigh Parish Church
  12 December Weaver Probus Club
  15 December Northwich Methodist Church for The Christie Hospital
2010 13 March Sandiway Manor
  24 April St Stephens Church, Moulton
  11 June Northwich Methodist Church
  17 September Castle Methodist Church, Northwich
  1 October St Peter's Church, Aston by Sutton
  29 October Christ Church, Barnton
  7 November Gorton Monastery
  9 December Christ Church, Barnton
2009 24 April Castle Methodist Church, Northwich
  19 June St Mary's Weaverham
  19 September Plumley Parish Church
  4 December National Trust, Frodsham Community Centre
  11 December Christ Church, Barnton
2008 2 May Norley Methodist Church
  13 June Northwich Methodist Church
  4 October Sandiway Manor Residential Home
  10 October Lostock Parish Church
  28 November Christ Church, Barnton
  12 December St Johnís Church Hall, Sandiway
2007 27 January Castle Methodist Church

16 March

Wheelock Methodist Church

  19 May Affetside, Bury
  13 July Lostock Parish Church
  23 November Comberbach Methodist Church
2006 16 June Northwich Methodist Church
  13 October Norley Methodist Church
  1 December Moulton Parish Church
2005 15 January

Castle Methodist Church Northwich

  14 May Trinity Church, Castle
  21 May Norley Methodist Church
  28 October Lostock Parish Church
  15 December Northwich Methodist Church
2004 26 March Kingsley Hurst Methodist Church
  18 June Northwich Methodist Church
  18 September Plumley Methodist Church
  3 December Elworth Parish Church, Sandbach
2003 18 January Hartford Hall Hotel
  25 January Castle Methodist Church Northwich
  13 June Northwich Methodist Church
  9 October Weaverham Methodist Church
  21 November Comberbach Methodist Church
  17 December Middlewich Masonic Hall
2002 14 June Northwich Methodist Church
  5 October

Norley Methodist Church

  18 Decenber Middlewich Masonic Hall